Vyvyd poster 1

Lady Knight of the Swamp



The hypnagogic state is that heady lull between wakefulness and sleep when thoughts and images flutter, melt, and transform into wild things.

Gorgon's Blood

This illustrations revisits the mythological origins of corals,
born from the blood of Medusa after Perseo cut her head off.
It is said that these marine creatures protect against evil influences.


During 2020 quarantine I found myself locked down in the Island of Venice,
alone in someone else's house.
Outside, the untouchable beauty of the city
was screaming louder than its seagulls at night.
That same howl that kept me dreaming, kept me awake.

The Present Eternal

Tyresias, the Blind Seer

In Greek mythology, Tiresias was a blind prophet of Apollo in Thebes.
Beside longevity and clairvoyance,
Tiresias is known for having lived as a man, than as a woman,
and then as a man again.

Sister Luchadora

Isis à Rebours


"...for he was fashioned a wondrous monster,
and was not like a man that lives by bread,
but like a wooded peak of lofty mountains,
which stands out to view alone, apart from the rest."
Odyssey, Book 9

Grotesque - Circus
Grotesque - Psychoanalyses

La Nouvelle Grotesque

Compositions inspired by the ancient Roman and Renaissance
motif of the grottesche, used to adorn the interiors of royal residences,
often painted in fresco.
Their extravagant subjects, chaotically framed
on surreal suspended architectures, narrate stories
and allegorize the complexity of life and its absurd paradoxes.


Lost Days - The Damed

The Damed
"Lost Days"


Single cover


New Candys

Little Cloud Records, 2021

Mythology, esotericism, superstitions, tribal echoes, Dantesque dreamscapes, the opulence of Kenneth Anger's experimental films...
all of this coexist in the universe of "Vyvyd"

Il Testamento degli Arcadi

Lizard Records, 2021

Inspired by the the atmospheres of the 70's sci-fi tv series Space 1999, each song in this album pays homage to a different episode from the show and features one drawing, contained in the inner booklet.

The Warlocks Back

Halley DNA
"Futurismo e Fastidio"

Dischi Sotterranei, 2021

The Warlocks
"Mean Machine Music"

Cleopatra Records, 2019



Single cover

Love in Elevator - Lies To Stars
Love in Elevator - Lies

Love In Elevator
"Lies to Stars"

Fuzzy Cluster Records, 2019

Album art & illustrated song

Selected by Best Art Vinyl Italia 2019


Tarot Cards inspired by the world
of vintage cartoon Betty Boop
and the symbolism of the traditional
Rider Waite - Colman Smith deck,
revisited in a pop key.

Wear Me Deadly
Alien Love t-shirt
Alien Love - Illustration
Skeleton Rose
Not The Devil
Hell Here - Cat People T shirt
Love Burns - T-shirt
Hardcore Gardening
Dead Pulp Skull
Cat People - Poster
Cupid - T-shirt
Mae West Diva
Hair Fight

Dead Pulp is a brand that celebrates
the gritty aesthetic of 1950’s pulp magazines
and its dangerously cute dames,
blending it with modern dark colture,
surrealism and a dash of punk rock.

Online store opening soon

Ciao!I'm Lucy Færy. I paint, print and draw using traditional and digital media.In my work I love playing with the evocative quality of symbols and archetypes, portraying characters and expressing narratives that always originate with a distinct and carefully crafted idea, though it is ultimately left to the viewer's perception to decide what my illustrations might be about.Some of my main inspirations are art history, mythology, Victorian Age & Medieval imagery, science fiction, vintage comics, gothic colture and uncanny movies.I’m based in Venice, Italy... most of the time.

I'm available for album art, posters, book illustrations, editorial and private commissions.
For any enquires please email: [email protected]