Lucy Færy


A Cyberpunk Olympus



It's the year 2053. The Android Freedom movement has just declared its dissolution, due to the achievement of its objective: the acknowledgment of Earth citizenship rights for all the Replicants inhabiting the planet. Human population gets smaller and smaller. Only few men and women of culture, artists and intellectuals, stay or come to the Green Planet, in order to bequeath the last fragments of their cultural legacy to the new generations of Androids.

Lucy Færy offers her support to curate the very first art event conceived by a non-human entity, whose name is omitted because of the Replicant's customs.


In order to symbolize Android's bound to traditional human western culture, marking its overcoming at the same time, the Artist has decided to launch the newborn glorious cybernetic Era by proposing his robotic vision of the archetypes of visual culture that explain allegorically the concept of Origin: ancient Greek and Roman myths. Once again the starting points are classical masterpieces such as Homer's Odissey and Ovid's Metamorphosis, but for the Artist to make them his own he must eradicate their position in a linear time dimension, in favour of the Android's cognition of the categories of space and time ( for an in-depth guide on Replicant's perceptions, written specifically for humans, see the 2050 best seller book Despiralizing Spacetime). A Visit to the Gorgon's Inn plunges us in a brand new culture, narrating us our and theirs story, suggesting a dialogue between the two races that, at times, feels unpleasantly ambiguous: in the Replicant's version of the myth of Pygmalion, the sculptor who felt in love with its ivory statue ends up paying a high price for wishing she could become a real human being, in his image and likeness.


You are all invited to visit a space that has been set to evoke the obscure night-time atmospheres lighted up by elegantly shaped neon lights that stud Androids cities: it's the Gorgon's Inn, an ideal guesthouse for travelers seeking for an artistic adventure that goes beyond cultures. A Visit to the Gorgon's Inn is not an Art exhibition. It is rather a privileged experience into the new Era's fresh roots.

Entering in the room, the visitor is welcomed by scents and sounds, which, in the half-light of the gallery, conduct him throughout the viewing of the 33 digital paintings, whose colors shine thanks to their backlit screens. The arrangement of the images in space is set to suggest a non-linear itinerary. To follow, a tasting of Android recipes, created by the community specifically for the occasion, as a sign of sincere openness and hospitality to all human guests.







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